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grid b-stock

grid b-stock

potential minor aesthetic defects. fully functional + brand new. shipping january 11 2022

usb a-a

3' usb a-a cable, used in firmware updates and the programming of monome eurorack modules. 

note: this cable ships with Ansible and Teletype modules.

usb keyboard

replacement teletype keyboard

note: teletype already comes with a keyboard, so order this one only if you need a second one or a replacement

keypad set (4)

four keypads: 4x4 each for a total of 8x8 keys. order multiple for 128 and 256 devices.

for production devices (will not fit kits)

kit keypad set (4)

four keypads, a total of 8x8 keys

compatible with the 40h, 40h kit, and mk

bus power upgrade kit

upgrade for externally powered early 128 and 256. see instructions

includes the aluminum sideplate without a power hole, a 470u electrolytic capacitor, and stripped wire