externally power your grid.

needed for connection to an Arduino Due. see http://monome.org/docs/grid-studies/arduino

very highly recommended for use with monome eurorack modules, though SWITCH (a panel-mounted version with protection and redirection) is also available through our retailers.


a small USB interrupter connector which allows inline power.

provides +5v to the grid itself, so that the LEDs will not pull current from your internal rails. the module itself will still require a 5v rail to run (but a very small amount of 5v). grids can pull a tremendous amount of current, and most eurorack power systems are not designed to handle this. if you have uncertainties about your power situation, please avoid possibly blowing up your supply and use one of these.

by isolating the grid power, you also avoid any issues with digital noise getting into your audio signal chain. hot swapping between modules works correctly. 

 included is the ext5v connector itself, a well-rated 5v DC supply, and a 1 ft. IEC cable. not included is a secondary USB A-B cable.

Aruduino Kit variant includes a OTG to Female A adapter along with a 1' USB A-B for a tidy programming setup.