USB controller. connects to computers and monome eurorack modules.

two tone aluminum. warm white light.

the grid is an interactive tool with an open framework that allows the user to define its function. with a focus on minimalism, the simplicity of its design imposes constraints meant to temper the endless reprogrammable possibilities. the ability to determine how inputs and outputs relate is a source of both creative control and creative potential.

tactile and visual feedback. decoupled by design. clear response and intuitive play. when you push a key the input data is sent to the computer for various forms of interpretation while the output data, light patterns for example, are controlled separately in response. use is determined by the chosen application running on the computer or module: sequencer, sample cutter, tone map, polyrhythm machine are just a few of the many possibilities.

includes a nine month license for max 7 by cycling74. be sure to check out our grid studies for various programming tutorials. and of course there are various ready-to-go applications to play as well.